What to Give~ Girls

I can not believe that it is already time to start thinking about Christmas gifts again! I always get a jumpstart on the buying process because I like to spread the expense out as much as I can aaannnndddd because I really like shopping and finding the perfect gift!

So I figured I would start this year’s gift guide with what I would want to give to my daughter. Since she is 10…we are entering those hard years of not really wanting a lot of toys but not being old enough for the teen stuff yet. We have already set the boundary on having a cell phone, so that isn’t even an option for her to ask for.

I try to think outside of the box with what to get my kids…and I am big on “matching” presents for them to open at the same time, so I like to keep things pretty simple when I can.

I really want to try and stay away from electronics this year…I just feel like we have everything. However…I was not able to get my hands on the NES Classic last year…so I will make an exception for that as a family gift if I can find one that is not $500!


My favorite thing to gift is an experience. Since we live in a rural area, time in the city is always fun. I am thinking that this year I will get some tickets to Ballet West and take my girl for a night in the city. Experiences are such a fun thing to do…last year Santa brought us all hockey tickets, the year before we got to see Monster Jam, and we have gone to Disney on Ice when the kids were younger. Many of these events have matinees with reduced ticket prices to help you stick to a solid Christmas budget.


I always like to get my daughter an outfit. Usually something that is considered a “splurge” brand. She is really into Justice right now so this is what I am thinking she will open on Christmas Morning.

I can NOT decide between the kitty and deer things…but they have so many items in their gift shop…I can’t link directly to any of these items but http://www.shopjustice.com is where I found everything I was looking for and soooo much more…honestly check out the emoji monster section…adorable!


My kids usually get their “Big” wish from Santa…but will still drop hints at what they would like from mom and dad also. This year she is asking for moccasins…and I think she is just the cutest! Here are the options I am deciding between.

 These HOT Pink Ones!  This fun glitter option! or These cozy leopard ones!

and seriously I DIE over these ones…they might be the winner!



She loves to get mail, so I am always on the lookout for subscription boxes geared at her…I think I found a few winners!

Play by Sephora is such a fun looking box! I love that it has a learning card included since she is just entering the girly phase! Plus it is only $10 a month…I really think this will be something under the tree for her this year.

Also I found the Pura Vida bracelet box, I love the idea of getting a fun bracelet each month and I know that she will too! A steal at $15 a month…I think this will be right there with the Play! box.


She loves American Girl and making stop motion video’s on her iPod…so I am looking at these fun things to surprise her with. I am thinking this would make a good gift bundle option“>, a tripod and remote for the camera feature on her iPod. Or just this Pink Shutter Control…I am still undecided.


Last, my daughter has a few friends she enjoys thinking about during the holidays, and I actually make her purchase for her friends from money that she saves from each allowance check. So she has to get creative! And we usually shop the stocking stuffer section at Wal Mart to grab what she wants to gift. I really don’t think you need to stress over big gifts for mini-girlfriends…kids are a lot easier to please than they get credit for! In the past she has given:

  • A facemask and a fun winter scented lotion
  • Nail art and a cute chapstick
  • A mini scalp massager and some hair ties
  • A pair of cozy socks and a nail polish
  • Hot cocoa mix and a fun mug/tumbler

I was in WalMart and ALL of these little girl ideas were out in their Christmas section!

Look for more gift ideas coming up in the next few days and weeks! I absolutely love this time of year!

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