…meet chantelle

IMG_1424Hey hey! I am Chantelle. I am a work at home momma to two little chickens, married to my polar opposite, a wanna be HGTV stylist and an avid participant of online shopping.

I love clothes and styling looks. I have a strange affinity for office supplies. I can’t handle clutter. I use a paper planner and find crossing items off a list therapeutic. I redecorate or reorganize my house on an almost weekly basis. My UPS driver has some pretty awesome job security. I love a good theme and I know how to throw an epic party…even for a kids birthday.

I work in the financial industry…read number cruncher… and thankfully I am able to work at home and structure the hours that I actually have to be in an office. Because of this my style is pretty casual…so most (like 99%) of what I buy can go from lounging around the house, to a PTA meeting and to a quick office stop very easily. And it also means that I need a pretty house to work from…because productivity correlates directly to environment, right?!

So grab yourself a beverage…mine will be diet soda…and enjoy what you find here!