3 Affordable Skin Care Must Haves

Well hey….it’s been more that a minute since I have posted anything new…what can I say besides…#momlife? In an attempt to get back on board this train I wanted to share 3 AFFORDABLE products that will do great favors for your skin as the summer months approach.

Since becoming a Maskcara Artist last year…I have really been more conscious of how my skin looks. Those close up photos are about as forgiving as a new pair of skinny jeans. It is also no surprise that I am a sucker for Prime Shipping and affordability. Each of these products you can find on Amazon. Each of these are super affordable. And Each will help you out…even on their own. I have been more diligent about using these each day and while I have never tried an expensive skin care regiment, I feel confident in the results I have seen in my own skin.

First product is kinda scary…and it took me forever to get on board with it. I got the idea from Kristin over at http://www.growingupgill.com , she is a super fan of dermaplaning. And while this is pretty much shaving your face, I really think it has been a game changer! My makeup lays better, and I feel like my skin reaps more benefits from my products when I do this regularly. I have not noticed any difference in how the peach fuzz grows back, and I didn’t even have noticeable peach fuzz to begin with. Dermaplaning is a great exfoliator also! Definitely read up on it if you have questions…and if your have a local spa or esthetician that offers the service, hit them up! I unfortunately don’t have access to a pro that offers this…that I know of…

These are the  razors that I use. I toss them after each use. It takes me less than 5 minutes and I follow these steps. (Please note I am NOT an esthetician, so don’t take my advice or tips as such, I’m just a girlfriend passing on what I do.)

  • I wash and dry my face. Then I apply the toner that I will talk about next.
  • I start on one side of my face and lightly pull the skin taught.
  • Holding the razor at a 45 degree angle I lightly run it downward along my face.
  • I  continue to run it downward, with the growth of the peach fuzz, avoiding the eye area. Wiping the razor on a clean towel to remove the hair and skin after each swipe.
  • Be careful not to get your brows, and be super careful around your nose…if you decide to do that area.
  • The last section I do is my forehead.
  • After I am done, I run another pass of toner across my face and then apply my serum and moisturizer.

Second product is a simple face serum. This is currently my fave. It is super affordable at less than $10. And I love the effect that the vitamin C is having on my skin. I have not had nearly the amount of pore clogs or zits since using this nightly. And I want to give this option a try soon!

Last product has been in rotation for a while. You really can’t beat this toner. I have talked about this in earlier posts…and I am still using it. I purchased my current bottle last July and I am still using it. It lasts a while! Besides using it on my face each morning and when I dermaplane, it works great to help control sweat odor if you swipe it on your pits. Witch Hazel has so many amazing uses!

If you have any suggestions for affordable beauty products or are interested in being color matched for some Maskcara Makeup…send me an email  or check me out on instagram!!


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