The Hair Trick I Accidentally Learned

Quick overview of how I have been styling my hair at the end of this post


So if you follow me on social media, you remember the little hiatus I took so I could travel for work. I went back east to Indiana for a trade show, and since I was travelling without kids or my husband I wanted to pack light. So I ordered travel sized hair care from Amazon…and apparently I don’t read well when I’m shopping in the pickup line.

I thought I ordered a travel size root lift from Living Proof…packed it and off I went.

Well first of all…the time change from Utah to Indiana is no joke…I was rushing to get ready for the 8am (6am biological time) show prep and only discovered that instead of root lift I ordered this texturizing spray instead. Panicked and rushed I got ready anyway, the good thing about working with your brother is you can stretch the start time, so I was a little late and super concerned about my hair looking terrible.

Well….after many trips to the bathroom to check the status of my normally limp, bodyless coif…I was so shocked that it actually looked fantastic! I have been so used to relying on a root boost to achieve the look I want, I have never not used one.

That’s not the trick though…I was super surprised the next day when I woke up and my hair was not greasy. So, being rushed again (damn time change), I decided to dry shampoo and style…and my hair looked equally amazing all day and all night. Over 12 hours of good second day hair. I have never experienced that in my life! Usually second day hair consists of a top knot for me.

So I have played with the trick of root boost versus no root boots since being back…and I have to say I kinda feel like I have wasted a lot of money over the years on something I thought I needed.

As it turns out…the root boost contributes to my greasy scalp by day 2. I am actually going to replace my beloved root boost with the Full spray for a while and see if I can become one of those people with good 2nd day hair!

Here is a quick overview of how I have been styling my hair:

I blow dry my hair upside down at night and sleep on my hair, sometimes I will loosley place it in a pony on top of my head…but not always.

When I wake up this is how my hair looks. I simply hit is with the blow dryer again for  a quick minute.


Next I apply this volumizing powder all over my head. I don’t use a ton and tend to focus on the crown of my head.

I split the hair into a top and bottom section, lightly backcomb and spray lightly with hairspray. Then I pump my aerosol hairspray a few times to give my hair some grit. PUMP is the key, don’t hold down the nozzle or you will get way too much on your hair.

I curl in small sections away from my face and leave them as I do the same to the top section.

After getting all the pieces curled, I let them cool for a few minutes.

Last I don’t comb any of the curls out, instead I tousle them lightly with my fingers and spray the texture spray under the crown and face sections while continuing to tousle.

Last I PUMP a few more sprays of hairspray on for hold.

I can usually style my hair in 15 minutes each morning. For second day hair the only change I make is applying this dry shampoo or this one to my hair after I shower each night. I will follow up with more in the morning if I need it. Then I follow the steps above and I have been so pleased with finally being able to style 2nd day hair!



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