One Trend ~ 3 ways

So I have to admit…this post idea fell into my lap in the least likely place. Walmart. Now don’t get me wrong…I have a love/hate relationship with the place. I love to go there when nobody is there. Otherwise I end up dropping a Franklin without even realizing it. And this small town girl doesn’t have ANY other option sometimes. I mean Prime is only so fast.

But I was there earlier this month and I found the best pair of skinny jeans in the most beautiful blush pink color…and they were only $5! Yes…$5! I honestly bought them with one wear in mind, we had a low key but “out” evening planned and I knew they would be perfect. But they washed up well, and fit comfy, so I decided that I would go ahead with my post idea of styling them 3 different ways in hopes that I will keep wearing them. If you have been here for any length of time you might have noticed that my wardrobe is pretty neutral, I like to stick with gray, white, black and jeans. I’m either simple or boring…either way I’m good with it.

Here is the first, most casual way I would style an outfit around colored jeans.


Top: tee  vest     Shoes: similar        Jeans: one two

Next, a little bit dreseier, but still pretty casual.


Top: one  two three    Shoes: one   two    Jeans: one two

Last, a pretty dressed up ensemble.


Top: similar       Shoes: one   two    Jeans: one two

Most of my items are old…so I have linked some similar options.

I have to say, a neutral wardrobe lends itself well to a more fun piece like these skinnies. Plus I feel like the subdued pink is a great fit for my current stylings.

So the moral of this post is that the next time you find that super cheap, but fun piece of clothing go ahead and get it…then try to work it into as many outfits that you can!