3 Trends I Can’t Do

Well….it has been a hot minute since I have been on here….what can I say…life. But it is definitely good to be back at it, and here is to a bit of consistency…

So, it can’t just be me. Do you ever hop onto Instagram and see all these amazing fashion bloggers wearing the cutest new trend….and you really want to pull it off, but you just can’t? Well, I feel ya because I know that I can’t be alone in this. There are always so many new trends, and so many cute ladies showing you how to wear them…and then I feel like there is me…I order said trendy item with high hopes and even somewhere I plan to wear it, just to be disappointed in front of the mirror.

I am really not sure where I go wrong on some purchases (#thankful for free returns!) because these three trends have been tried multiple times in different versions of, and I just can’t. I can’t pull them off. Maybe I am too insecure, or subconsciously regretting to spending money…who knows…but props to the ladies who make these look GOOD!


The step hem jean

I truly love these jeans on so many ladies…both on instagram and in real life. They are so cute, a little edgy, and just the right mix of put together and casual. In fact I prefer them on a pair of non-distressed jeans most. But I have long legs, although I’m not tall, and they just hit on the funny spot of my leg. They are not the perfect ankle length that can pass during winter, and I am not a fan of crop jeans or capri’s so they just feel funny…almost like I am wearing a mullet on my legs…and they look too small.


Mule/Loafer Slide Shoes

I shared quite a few pairs this fall when this trend was super big…and I tried and tried again to make those purchases work. I just couldn’t. Each pair I loved off, loved in a flat lay and hated how they made my ankles look.  So all of those shoes have since been sold on Poshmark. With winter in full swing I have not seen them flashed around a whole lot. But I have a feeling that spring will bring a whole new crop of options that will tempt me. Now I will be honest, and unless the shoe is the perfect silhouette, I think they are downright ugly. But I have a feeling that I will end up with at least one more college try to pull these gals off (see the picture below)…because I have already been browsing around for a good spring pair. (Someone should just send help now!) But the meme was too silly not to share, because I was right there this fall. Hoping to make those cute Kristen Cavillari ones work for me…just waiting for a sale!



Ruana’s or Capes

These just bug me to wear. I have seen so many cute ladies pull these off…and they looked amazingly cozy…so in the midst of freezing one day I impulse purchased. Now I will tell you that ruana’s are cozy, and the one that I ordered was super soft, but it just didn’t work for my life. I don’t like that there are not really any arm holes, and I would have constantly worried it was slipping and simply looked like a blankie I forgot to take off. Then the part of me that cant wear scarves kicked in…and I suddenly looked like the idiot who forgot to tie her scarf properly.


Are there any trends that you just can’t pull off…even though you LOVE them on others? I would love to hear!



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