Easy Winter Skin Care

In my opinion, skincare does not need to be complicated. Sure I love trying out masks, serums and new products all the time….but if it’s not easy chances are I won’t stick with it long term.

Living in a dry climate also makes me prone to flaky skin, throw in a mild case of eczema and my skin can look rough in a hurry. I have learned that starting a new routine earlier in the cold months helps me out immensely. So I started looking for go to products last month and after a few weeks of use…I can definitely say that this will be my routine through the winter… give or take some beauty buys thrown in because I just can’t resist temptation.


I start with a clean face, since I shower at night, I use this cleanser and my Clairisonic brush to wash off my makeup.

A couple times a week I use this mini-mask to clear the pores on my t-zone. The tube appears small at first glance, but it will last you! A little bit does the trick, and you simply wipe it away with a washcloth and warm water. Plus it is less than $20!


Then I use this amazing toner. And when I say amazing I mean it! I have always avoided toners because of the drying effect they have, but this Witch Hazel toner is the best. My skin feels clean but not dry. And the price point and bottle size are amazing. I have been using this bottle since late summer!


Next I focus on moisture. I have NEVER in my life purchased an eye moisturizer, I really didn’t understand the point…wasn’t my face moisturizer good enough? I can now tell you that, no…an eye moisturizer is a game changer. I feel like I look less tired, my eyes appear more youthful and my makeup goes on better…all because of this product.

While I did receive the belif Moisture Eye Bomb courtesy of Influenster, I am so happy I did because I don’t think I would have tried a product like this on my own. This is actually not even a sponsored post…I seriously love this product now!


Now that I have raved about an eye moisturizer, don’t forget about a good face moisturizer. I have loved Olay products for years because they are easily accessible to this small town girl.  So when I got to try out the new Whips moisturizer I was ecstatic!

This is a heavier moisturizer perfect for the harsh winter months…but it is absorbed almost instantly and there is no “greasy” residue left on your face. In fact it is very mattifying.

This whole thing takes me less than 5-10 minutes depending if I am using the Philosophy mask and I could not be happier with the results I have been seeing!

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