Product Nope’s ~ Hair Styling

I am always on here telling you about things I love and providing links for things to try…so I figured I would also offer some advice on things I do not love.  I am pretty finicky about my hair…I tend to stay with what I know works but I still love to try new things. I always have a better day if I feel good about my appearance…maybe I am vain but that is just how it is. #sorrynotsorry

If you have followed me on social media for any stretch of time, you may have noticed that I tend to style my hair in relaxed, tousled waves more often than not. And the lob haircut is definitely my friend. So for this style I need a good volumizer, something to add texture and then a good dry shampoo…because I’m  a mom and it is 2017/18 after all.



I gave all these products a whirl and was not thrilled with the results.

First up, the aquage uplifting foam. This product comes from a blogger I have followed for years. She is a hair stylist and has gorgeous hair…so I tried it. Let me tell you, Aquage is NOT cheap…so I had high hopes. NOPE. I got very little volume when using this, even less than I normally get. I compared it to actually using nothing. Now maybe I got a bad bottle, but for the price I don’t think I will try it again because I need root foam every. single. day. that I wash my hair. Flat hair ain’t my friend.

Next was the Aveda pure abundance hair potion. This is a powder that adds lift and texture to your roots after you use the blowdryer. I call it “grit” because my soft hair doesn’t style well squeaky clean. But this powder left some parts of my hair feeling sticky and clumping together. And it was over twice what I pay for my normal root powder. I will probably keep this because I can see it being good for messy bun texture…but not worth the price when I bought it for everyday texture.

Another texture product was the amika un.done texture spray. This product was actually a promo given to me from influenster…and I loved it at first. But it almost makes my curls melt throughout the day. It would be better for someone with some natural curl and texture to their hair…not for anyone who has none.

Last is the Suave Moroccan Infusion Dry Shampoo. This is just a no…it made my hair feel sticky dirty rather than oily dirty. And there would actually be a film on my fingers from touching y hair at times.  So…I am still on the hunt for that perfect dry shampoo…I am wondering if there is such a product for my hair type.

Anyway…I hope that you found it helpful to have a roundup of hair product nope’s! Planning on rounding up my FAVORITE products soon…stay tuned!