November ~ Cozy Everyday Outfit

I can not believe that it is already November! Like seriously…that means it’s basically 2018. I was in Wal Mart this morning and they already had their countdown calendar up.. 54 days people! That is insane!

I have quite a few gift guides planned in the coming weeks…and they are good…duh… because they are actually what I am purchasing this year for those on my list.

But today I wanted to share a simple outfit that can get you through the busy days ahead being all stylish and comfy. I wore this ensemble today…and it will definitely be on repeat in the coming season.

November Outfit


Sweater – in Purple Syrup

Oversized Cardi 

Fringe Boots

Necklace SimilarSimilar

The necklace I am wearing is from my latest RocksBox…I am reviewing that next week on the blog…but if you are interested in getting a month free email me or DM me on Insta!

So I have to say that I like this cardi equally as much as I do the ever popular Saturday Cardigan from Free People…which I also own so the comparison is real…but the Saturday Cardi is an investment piece. This one from aerie is around $40, the fabric is actually softer, but it has s bit of a tighter weave. They are both great for me but a heads up on a good dupe never hurts!

Also, my jeans are years old…like at least 4 maybe even more…and this is the first year I can actually wear them (thanks weight loss) but I have an amazing denim post coming up with affordable options on the distressed look, I just need one more pair to arrive in the mail. But…I might need to start searching for some non hole-y options…I only have 1, YES 1! pair of blue non distressed jeans. What can I say, casual is my jam.


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