Keeping Calm and Christmas-ing On

I don’t know about you…but it seems like every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas a flash forward occurs and it’s over…and I hate it! I enjoy everything about the holiday season, including the hustle bustle of parties and events. I want to savor everything, and just relax and enjoy the decorations I worked so hard to put up. I used to be so uptight about everything being perfect that I drove me to hate the season. But over the last few years I made myself slow down and do a few things differently so that my enjoyment level would rise. I hope that these help you to realize some ways to make your season more relaxed…none of these are groundbreaking discoveries, but sometimes knowing that you are not alone in the struggle helps.

  • Wake up a little earlier. I know this is a hard one, especially when it’s cold outside. But Waking up 30 minutes earlier allows you to enjoy your morning coffee (or in my case soda) in front of the tree and soak up the calm before the storm. This also allows me to get myself ready before the kids wake up so I can run errands right after they leave for school.
  • Put away your phone after dinner. I am super guilty of not doing this, but I love the evenings when I do. No phone forces my brain to clear itself for the night. I am always more ready for the day when I have enjoyed the prior evening. Force yourself to relax if you have to.
  • I started taking these OLLY vitamins and I don’t know if it’s the placebo effect or what. But I feel like they do work.
  • Prepare ahead of time. This means starting wrapping as the gifts roll in. Bake and freeze goodies if you have some free time before they are needed. Meal prep on the weekend if that will help with lunches for the week. And don’t be afraid to bring store bought food or goodies if it means that you don’t have to stress over making something.
  • If it isn’t working leave it out. I am not ashamed to admit that sometimes I strive for perfection simply because I think I have to. But lately I have realized that the world will not end if something doesn’t get done. Like we may not have Christmas cards to send out this year. We have not done family pictures yet, and if we do get to them this week I am not sure that I am going to have time to order, address and mail anything before Christmas. And I am surprisingly alright with that. There is also a party we have been invited to that we might skip because we just want a weekend to spend at home. Again totally OK!
  • Plan your week. We all know what a list maker I am. I just get so satisfied with visually seeing my accomplishments for the day. It also helps that I am a sucker for pretty office supplies. I snagged this planner for the upcoming year. And this one looks like a great option for under $20. If a simple list is more your style, check out this Adulting To Do List. I totally am ordering it today…so funny and less than $4!

Now I am off to wrap a few gifts before the kids get home….or sit on the couch…either way I hope you enjoy your last day of November!

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