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I am always a sucker for subscription boxes…it is almost like a present you gift yourself each month. At one time I probably had 5 active subscriptions…and while my crazy has subsided from that phase, I still love me a good box. So I signed up for a month of RocksBox, and I am pretty pleased with what I received.

I also have a way for you to try it for FREE!!! Read to the bottom for details on that!

If you are not familiar with RocksBox, it is a subscription service where you receive 3 pieces of jewelry in each box to wear, try out and style for as long as you’d like for only $21 a month…which means if you don’t love the set you received you can immediately send them back for a replacement at no extra cost (as long as your month’s term is not up).  The site FAQ page sums up their service so well if you have more detailed questions.

And these pieces are from some pretty awesome brands like Kendra Scott, House of Harlow 1969, gorjana, Kate Spade and more. Bonus…if you want to keep a piece your membership fee is applied to the purchase price!

You can create an online wishlist of styles and pieces you love, plus you can rate your boxes and leave feedback so that your stylist can curate boxes specifically to you.

Now for a look inside my first box!

Isn’t the packaging so freaking cute?! I love it…and it was quality….I hate getting cheapo packaging.

Again…quality!!! Love the bags to store the pieces while I am using them.

The necklace is from Slate and is really pretty…I will definitely wear it but won’t keep it because I own something sooo similar already.

The earrings are from Gorjana and I am actually on the fence about keeping them. the jacket part fits my ears quite well and I love the look of the simple stones.

The ring is Kendra Scott and I do love it! I just don’t know how often I will wear it. Most of the time I stick with my wedding band and that’s it.

If I wanted to keep anything the prices are $53 (earrings) $54 (necklace) and $70 (ring). I can apply my credit to any piece I keep or to the whole order for and take an additional $10 off so the whole price would be $166 (minus the $21 membership).

I also wanted to mention that you get a peek of your box and can swap out one item…I was set to receive a ring that I knew I would not wear, so I swapped it out. And even though I am not a total fan of the necklace I was sent (only because I have one very similar) I will probably wear it once before sending my box back. I don’t plan to keep anything from this box but I have so enjoyed this service and definitely will get another box next month.

I love that I am able to only spend $21 on new jewelry each month, constantly have new pieces but NOT add to the clutter mess that is my jewelry box.

I do have access for YOU to get a free month if you are interested…but I need to submit your email (I won’t use it for anything else!) so if you are interested feel free to email me at chantelle_said_so@gmail.com or DM me your deets over on insta!

This is not an affiliate program, it is just a way for you to try out a box for free and I will only receive credit to my account for my future boxes. Just wanna be up front and it will not cost you anything or require you to continue the service after your free month.

Let me know if you have any questions! I am definitely looking forward to my next box.



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