It’s from Amazon ~ vol. 4

So I was totally on the fence with the whole mule trend. I ordered a nice suede pair online and while I liked them, I should have sided up a half size. I just felt self conscious of how they fit my foot. So I sold them on my Poshmark page because I had worn them so I could not return them…then I found these beauties on Nordstrom…and I paid the Nordstrom price for them Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about the pricing there, I am fully aware that I get what I pay for! I am just wondering how long this trend will stick around for and I know that once the snow starts to fly I won’t be able to participate even if they mule shoe is still trendy.

So I searched for another option…and I found one! Amazon saves the day again!IMG_3414

The nude pair can be found here and the black pair here.

I love them both equally…they are trendy, dressy, and comfy. But I super love the price of the black ones! Less than $30…can you believe it? Mine were available on prime, and I recommend ordering up a half size for a better fit.


Black Pair     Nude Pair

Seriously guys…I really love Amazon. I am sure if you have been following along for any length of time you know this…but I love being able to be trendy and not break the bank. And I even love when those purchases arrive in 2 days…just sayin’. Plus…I am terrible at returning things, and the returns are so easy to Amazon…and Nordstrom.

What do you all think about the mule trend? Yay or nay? Trendy or old lady? My friends are mixed so I am curious what everyone else thinks. I still can’t decide for myself and I have styled a few outfits around the mules, but living in Utah I am not sure that I will see the life of this trend because…winter. But for less than $30 I might be able to justify a turkey day outfit around cold feet.