The IT Products You Should Try

I am totally late to the train with this brand…I mean I’m not sure how, but I am…I have seen IT in Ulta for years but every time a sales rep recommended something from the line I shyed away and stuck with my go-to’s.

During the 21 Days of Beauty Event I decided to pull the trigger on two products that I had my eye on and in return I got the gift box of samples for free…and now I am obsessed. Here are the 5 products from this line that I absolutely love…and think you will too!


1. Lip Vitality
THIS color is to die for…subtle enough for everyday but also paired with a dusty nude smokey eye it would be perfect for a low key night out. It is very nourishing, and that says something because I wear LipSense 80% of my days and that stuff dries out your lips big time. I cannot say enough good things about this lip treatment.


2. Bye Bye Pores Powder
This one did take me a few tries to get the trick of how I want to use it…and being that the color is translucent I can easily end up looking like a ghost. But I got it…and I love it! It is the perfect setting powder on my t-zone and under my eyes, layers well under my regular powder, does not feel cakey and even works fantastic on days I just wear moisturizer (no foundation or BB cream) to add a mattifying look to my face…which has actually made me remember how much I love to wear minimal makeup!


3. Superhero Mascara
Duh! I have already ranted and raved about this stuff here. So I will spare you that all over…but I can’t say enough good things about this baby.


4. Celebration Anti-Aging Foundation
I really love this powder foundation. I wear makeup 95% of the time…even usually on days when I am just home. It’s who I am…occasionally I will skip all together but that is an exception. This foundation is perfect for me, because I am not a fan of the heavy makeup look, and I have worked hard to get my skin to look great even without foundation.


5. Foundation Brush
I picked this up during the beauty event… so I am not able to find a link with it solo. But HERE you can find it with the foundation I just mentioned and they pair perfect! I usually opt for super cheap makeup brushes, I love e.l.f. and even some real techniques brushes, but I do have to tell you there is a big difference in quality. If you are in the market for a higher end foundation brush I definitely recommend this one!


As a bonus during the event I was able to try out deluxe samples of some other products by IT Cosmetics…and let me tell you THIS one was a favorite and might be making its way into my bag once I run out of my current night time moisturizer.

Try any of these products out and see for yourself!


*This post contains affiliate links which I may be compensated for, all opinions are my own, thanks for your support!*


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