upstairs bathroom redo

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Our main bathroom has been a work in progress since we bought this house 11 years ago. When we bought it, the walls were cream, the trim was maroon, there was no storage and the linoleum matched the walls. I almost wish that I had pictures that were not tucked away, but I am also a little embarrassed of my younger home decorating skills. I decked that puppy out with black accessories and thought I was the bomb!

From there the walls went white and the trim painted to match my daughter’s nursery. I believe the green was actually called “celery” but it was pretty pastel. On a whim I decided to lay my own flooring, which was actually pretty decent for a young DIY’er. Then the ceiling fan leaked during a freakishly strong rainstorm, we ripped up that flooring to make sure there was only minimal water damage and I repainted to the current color scheme and have slowly figured out how to make this bathroom into the farmhouse/shabby chic oasis I envisioned.

It has been painted and slowly coming together for 2 years. Now my daughter is old enough to shower, so the kickstart to finishing this room was buying the shower conversion kit for the clawfoot tub. I still want to replace the standard shower head with something a bit fancier, and we still need to replace the ceiling fan grate, but other than that I am very happy with the results.


I DIY’ed these easy hangers with some spare mason jars, hemp rope and hot glue…wrapped, glued, looped and done in under 5 minutes…I just need new greenery but this is what I had lying around.

Flooring: Peel and Stick Planks total cost was under $40!

Paint: The paint is a few years old, but I believe the name was Minted and the trim is Seal Gray both from PPG

Rug and towels: Wal Mart clearance section

My shower curtain is sold out…but this option is $30 and this one is $40 both with free shipping!

The mini laundry hamper helps me corral the dirty clothing easily.


The shower kit was easy to install and can be found here , and the handy caddy here, plus it drains and hangs low enough for my youngest to use.

My accessories are either thrifted (vases, glass jars, wall scroll) or vintage items (silver container).

The Towel Hooks might just be my favorite part of the whole room.



*This post contains affiliate links I am paid a commission for…thanks for your support!*