Best Lipstick Dupe and Original YET!

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I recently tried out the NARS Matte Lip Pencil and I simply can not love it enough! It is a rich color, a bit moisturizing and great on the go…my only complaint is that it requires an actual sharpener…really NARS? You make a fabulous lip color and I have to sharpen it? Whatever…I still love it and totally recommend it.


I purchased two options, but sadly the color Intriguing is sold out! However this color is the best blush pink! I super love it as a great fall blush, my skin tone is pretty fair and sometimes pink can wash me out. However this has just enough “not ballet pink” tone in it to make me look alive, or as much alive as a mom can look after a few hours of sleep and in the middle of doing all.the.things.

Anyone else feel me on that? I thought so…and I really do think you will like those lip pencils.

I also, however…really KNOW that you will LOVE the dupe I found for them! You can pick up quite a few for the price of one NARS stick. And BONUS!!! there is no sharpening required!

My picks are this one as a dupe and falls right in between the two NARS colors I picked up.

And I just really want to try this one because why the heck not?

Plus this one looks like the BEST fall shade!

Now run off and snag these great dupes…the 21 Days of Beauty Event is still going on at Ulta and I know that there are tons of other amazing buys available right now.

I hope you have a fantastic day! Make sure you check back tomorrow because I am revealing that mini bathroom reno that I hinted about last week on Instagram…and you should probably follow along there because I am always sharing something!