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Since taking my eyelash extensions off last month I have been diving into mascara again. I had them on for around a year and a half…so there are so many new products on the market that I didn’t have the need to try out. I can tell you that this was an exciting adventure for me, I love to just browse beauty sections of drugstores and department stores. And then there is Ulta, which has the awesome 21 Days of Beauty eve going on right now. So of course I had to stop in that goldmine.


First up is a good drugstore brand. I love the L’oreal Telescopic Mascara. I get it here for less than $10. The brush is fine toothed and gives you a smooth lashline without the clumpiness. I have found that this option is my favorite when I decide to wear false lashes because it gives my own lashes a smooth look.

  1. One coat left side of photo, right side only eye makeup. 2. One coat each eye (no primer). 3. Two coats each eye (No Primer) 4. Magnetic lashes added.

Next up is another drugstore buy. The L’oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise paired with the Voluminous Primer. I love the bulk that these two give to my lashes. Plus each product is under $10 each so it won’t break the bank! Find them here and here. I am really a fan of using the primer…I feel like it is an extra step that matters because sometimes drugstore mascara flakes easier on me. I don’t wear a set of falsies with this mascara so the primer is a must have!

Last is a cult classic that I am just hearing about…well since taking my extensions off. I blogged a while back about ordering it on QVC, but I ended up getting sidetracked by the Lash Paradise and never did. Lucky for me a trial tube was included with my Ulta purchase this week and I am hooked! IT Cosmetics Superhero lives up to it’s name and will definitely be a staple product for me when I am not wearing extensions!


I did a side by side for these two because the L’Oreal version is an excellent dupe for the IT Superhero!

1: Eyeshadow only. 2: Left side of photo L’Oreal Primer and Lash Paradise Right side IT Superhero (One coat each). 3: Two coats of each product after a few hours of wear.

Each of these links will take you to Ulta where you can check out all the other fab beauty find they have going on this month!

Plus check back for my post on the other IT Cosmetics products that drew me into the store and what I think about them.


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