Influenster Luxe VoxBox

I was so excited to find out that I received this amazing, complimentary box! Seriously….so freaking excited! I am such a sucker for beauty products…and this box did not disappoint! While I did receive all of these products for free…I will always provide my own opinions and reviews.

It was filled with 5 products from amazing brands, all of which I could not wait to get my hands on.


First up was probably my favorite product, Dr. Brandt’s No More Baggage Depuffing Eye Gel.  I have tried similar products before and never been impressed enough to repurchase. Genetically I have “bags” under my eyes. They are not terrible, and I am cautious of not rubbing my eyes, but I have a visual of where I will be in my 60’s…thanks dad! While this is not a treatment, but rather a daily fix, I do like the results and am anticipating that I will continue to have this product because it made my Momma eyes look awake!

Next were two amika products, the Un.Done Texture Spray and the Nourishing Mask. I was stoked to try the texture spray. I totally go for the tousled look on the daily with my hair and this product is such a great addition to my daily routine! I also found a great way to incorporate this into my hair routine.                                                                                 I like the smell and the way I used this product was on second day hair to help hold my messy top knot. I really love that when I use this I don’t have to overload on the hairspray…I don’t want a crunchy look on not fresh hair.

The Nourishing Mask is also pretty darn good…I can honestly say that I have never tried an amika product I didn’t like, but I have never been in love with a hair mask either. My hair just doesn’t need the extra moisture. I was surprised at how much I did like this…I don’t feel like it weighed my hair down like other masks have…I do think that my hair lays smoother now also, which I am not complaining about. Plus the smell was amazing. I always only uses conditioner on the ends of my hair, so it didn’t impact my volume either.

Another hair product was the AQUIS Hair Towel…and boy oh boy is this thing needed in my house. I shower at night, washing my hair then, and sometimes I am so tired I dread blow drying it. But this came in the cutest packaging and cut down that dry time. My daughter decided to steal this luxe towel so it appears I need to purchase another!


Last was the GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper. I was least excited about this product. I have never really liked plumping products all that much. However I was pleasantly surprised by this product. I received the color “Clear” and it went to the prettiest natural pink. I could feel the tingling and my lips are visibly plumped, plus the scent was amazing!

I really enjoyed receiving this complimentary VoxBox, and please remember that I will never give an opinion that is not truthful. Let me know what you thought of the products!