TEN things…you never knew you wanted to know about me

So now that I have been at this for a short time, I figured it was time to introduce myself a bit more than what is gathered on my “about me” page…because I am much more complex than I seem.

1 * I am an old lady at heart. I love gardening and yard work. I could totally nap everyday and not even feel bad about it. I don’t mind waking up at 5:30 am, even on a Saturday.

2* I live on caffeine. But NOT coffee. I live on diet soda. But I also drink an extraordinary amount of water each day also…like over a gallon. So I think that even though it is an incredibly bad habit, I am aware of it, and not even close to being ready to break it….it might just even itself out…maybe.

3* If I don’t kick my day off super productive I wind up super lazy. I basically boil down to a go big or go home person. And if I don’t start my day off off big I just go home.

4* I only dated my husband for 6 weeks before he bought a ring. It took him 2 more to figure out how to ask…but we met, dated, became engaged, bought a house and were married within 6 months. Best thing I ever did.

5* I am still trying to define my style. Which is probably the reason I shop so much. I just can not seem to commit and define exactly “how” I dress…I can range from super chic mom in the pickup like to still wearing what could be pj’s and a 3 day messy bun…there is a lot of in between but I just don’t feel like I fit into 1 category.

6* I am a wannabe decorator. But I also think I am a pretty good one. I enjoy shopping for home things just as much as clothes. I change my house around constantly and love home inspo feeds on instagram. I am always up for a simple DIY, but most the time am too impatient and would rather just buy something.

7* I enjoy browsing for beauty products…but I have a hard time actually buying new things. I like what works and I hate wasting money. So this blog is going to help push me to venture out with my beauty routine…I keep my makeup pretty basic but have some plans for a few tutorials that I would love to try and make a thing.

8*Office supplies make me happy. I love pens, folders, notepads and pretty organizers. And I super love my old school paper planner…in fact I don’t even use the calendar app on my phone for ANYTHING!

9* I sometimes struggle with my appearance. There are some days I feel hot as sh*t and there are others that I feel like a troll. I really want to be able to focus on sharing that it is ok to not be perfect…because a lot of the time that is the message that I most need to hear. And being hung up on perfection has made me hold back in life….I don’t want that to be you. So know that I am not perfect…and I really hope that I never make you feel like I am.

10* It has taken me a lot of years to be brave enough to start blogging and putting myself out there publicly…and I am so happy I finally did.