Shop My Closet vol. 1

Truth be told…online shopping makes it way to easy to overspend. After taking a year to really go through my clothing, define my style, and focus on not overspending I almost fell back into my old ways last week. As many know, there was a fantastic sale at LOFT. Like seriously fantastic, low prices and items that would transition from late summer to early fall. I loaded up that virtual cart so fast. Then I got distracted by something and when I finally made it back to complete my purchase I really started to think about what was in my cart.

I loved it all…I would definitely wear it all. But did I really need to spend a couple hundred dollars on items that I could wear for a month then pack away till next spring and hope I still liked them? Nope. So I removed everything but the three items pictured below…


Then I thought about it and realized I had similar options in my closet already. And I closed the window completely, threw this outfit together and saved myself some money in the process.



Tank: Old Navy  Shorts: Loft  Cardigan: Caslon @ Nordstrom  Sandals: Beek

I am really pleased with how the final look turned out and I wore this Monday for some work and a birthday party for my son…It will be on repeat during early fall for sure!