Best AFFORDABLE Skincare

If you have ever browsed the skincare section at any beauty counter or specialty store, you know how expensive it can be. And if you are like me, in the midst of raising your average American family, you might not always be able to afford those luxuries for yourself. So over time I have found the best products and tricks that work for me so I can invest my money in other fun…or not so fun (I’m looking at you sky-high utility bill)…places.

I have broke down the pricing to estimate what this regimen costs per month. But even if you buy everything right now you are spending less that $110 TOTAL! not per month, And the biggest part of that figure will last you a year…seriously. This skincare routine costs me just over $300 per year…it’s totally doable and totally effective.


The no. 1 best thing I ever did for my skin was totally free. It was to start showering at night. Showering at night forces me to wash my face every. single. night. I was notorious for sleeping in my makeup through most of my 20’s…and my pores paid the price. But for the last couple of years I have showered at night to help with the morning rush…and I noticed how much better my skin was looking after a few weeks. Flash forward to now and my oily skin is in check with far fewer blemishes.

$5 a month Soap: This is the ONLY high end item in this list…but I have used this cleanser for years. Purity is my favorite. I actually buy the bulk size for around $50 at the anniversary sale and it lasts both my husband and I using it every day just over a year! That is under $5 a month…which is actually similar to what I would pay purchasing a drugstore brand. So to me that is pretty budget friendly!

$6 a month toner. I have always turned away from using a traditional toner because it was sooooo drying. But on a whim I decided to give this one a go and I love it! It leaves my skin feeling clean, not dry, it doesn’t smell.

$7 a month serum. Olay has been a favorite of mine for a couple of years. I recently bought a trial size of this Olay serum from the drugstore, it has lasted me over a month and I will be purchasing the full size one. I estimate that the full size will last 3 months which is how I figured the price per month. This serum has helped to make my skin smoother and I feel like the overall appearance of the pores on my nose are better since using it.

$4 a month moisturizer. I LOVE this moisturizer…the gel is lightweight and has been fantastic all summer. I am still on the first bottle I purchased back in May. But I just added it to my Amazon Subscribe and Save box and it is cheaper than I can get it at the drugstore which is double awesome!

$4 a month Facial Wipes: I use one every morning before I apply my moisturizer and makeup. Just to clean the surface for the day. It helps to remove the leftover moisturizer from the night and leaves my pores smaller because they are clean. I actually use the WalMart store brand facial wipes, so I can’t link the exact ones…but Amazon carries a great variety in the Subscribe and Save department so you don’t have to worry about running out.

Then I apply more of the gel moisturizer each morning. That is my regimen…super simple, very affordable and a no-brainer with Amazon…can you tell I have an Amazon addiction? Small town living will do that to a girl.


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