Things I Want My Kids to Remember

My two little baby monsters,

Here is some wisdom I want you to remember…because I have in fact been your age before.

  • I know that you don’t struggle with shyness, but others can be intimidated by that. Remember to scale it back and be warm with others. Sometimes a simple soft smile is enough to let someone know you are in fact friendly just with a BIG personality.
  • Put in the work and reap the rewards. You have to invest in friendships to have any that are worthwhile. Start now and never stop. Investing in other people is one of the best things you can do in your life.
  • You don’t have to be friends with everyone, but you do have to treat everyone with respect. Period. There is no loophole to this. Remember that sometimes it doesn’t boil down to what you know—but who you know.
  • Extra credit is not optional. We are not lazy in this house, and we always try our best. This includes going above and beyond because you never know when you might need a safety net. But always remember….
  • We don’t condemn you for not getting an “A”. I want you to strive for greatness, but to also realize that we care about effort a whole lot more. Always try your best, even when you are struggling. Asking for help is not something the be embarrassed by. You will never be in trouble for grades as long as you can look me in the eye and tell me you did everything you could with all of your effort. Also…’
  • School is not always about academics. I want you to learn a hell of a lot more that what the lesson plans teach you. Focus on being the best “you”, a good person, honest, kind, forgiving and helpful. These impress me more than how smart you might be.
  • Remember to have fun. Life is taken way to serious at times, and I am guilty of this as well…Type A people have amazing qualities, but can also be a bit high strung. Channel some of your Dad…he knows how to relax and let things go a lot better than I do.
  • School is what you make of it, just like life. If you go into it with a good attitude you will be better off. Sure, there are things about it that plain suck…but such is life. And the sucky things are so much easier to handle with a optimistic attitude.
  • It is OK to make mistakes…just try to learn from them and be better the next time. And if you broke the rules on purpose take the consequences with dignity.
  • Remember how much I freaking love you. As much as I want you to stay with me forever…I want to watch you soar and achieve greatness. Whatever that ends up being for you…I want it just as bad as you will one day. Nobody else on this planet knows you like I do. I have a whole 9 months extra than anyone else. I know what you are made of because I “grew” you. I know what you are capable of because our hearts once shared a rhythm. And I know that I would be so incomplete if I did not have you.

Love always and forever,



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