favorite late summer look

August gets to be that time where I feel a little bored with my summer wardrobe but it is still way too hot for me to actually wear anything that screams fall…but the mornings are a little brisk so I can still play with my new items.  With school drop offs starting soon, I thought I would share what you will catch me in 3-4 mornings a week if you see me at the school before 8am. Quite honestly…the shorts might be a bit ambitious so also expect leggings.


If you follow me on instagram you might recognize this pullover from this past weekend. It is still available here but I sized up one because I wanted a really slouchy look.


And can we talk bralettes real quick? I fell in love with them this summer…hard! I have maybe worn a real bra (like underwire and molded cups) twice this summer. This one was sold at the Rack earlier this year, which is the best place to stock up…the prices are amazing! Check out this , this , and this  for some options that are absolutely perfect.