Mini Eyelash Product Haul

I posted on Instagram earlier that I was headed in to have my lash extensions removed. I have had them on continuously for 1 1/2 years and just felt like it was time to let my natural lashes “breathe”. I will say that I was surprised that my lashes are still quite thick…but equally as surprised that they are soooo short and straight. I definitely made the right decision.

here are my natural lashes with just mascara on…such a drastic change from the extensions!

Also…can we talk about my oily face…this girl is not used to the humidity out there today. I have picked up a few new products for facial care that I want to give a good chance to use before I ┬áreview them. But yikes, this picture is not doing me any favors.

I headed straight to the drugstore to pick up some eye makeup since it’s been a while. I really enjoyed browsing the variety. There have been a lot of new items that have come out in the past year! I picked up just a few items to tide me over:


I quickly slapped on the liner, shadow and falsies and I will say that helped with my shock status… I know it is just going to take a few days to readjust…but I really think I need to invest in a good serum ASAP!

As I was browsing online for some options that are not available locally and found a killer deal on IT Cosmetics SuperHero Mascara here . I have an order placed for that so when it comes I will update you…I know it is a favorite by so many bloggers.

I also placed an order for some magnetic diy eyelash falsies…they will be here next week so I will review them after I decide what I think. I have seen them around, but not heard too much about them so I wanted to try them out because I don’t know if I can keep up this lash glue shenanigan.

I plan to get my lashes back to normal as best I can and hopefully by the holidays I can have the professional extensions reapplied. I love them so and they make getting ready in the mornings such a breeze…the only downfall is having to make time for the appointments…I am not a good “sit still” type of gal.

What are your favorite mascara brands? I would love to hear and try them out!