currently wearing ~ earrings

Earrings always seem like the final piece in pulling an outfit together. And yet, I have the hardest time remembering to shop for them! But I added a few options last week to my stash. Here is a quick round up of my favorite earrings to reach for …




I have always loved the Kate Spade oversized stud. These two are prior year versions of this simple statement earring. I love how they add a pop of style, but are simple at the same time. I wasn’t able to link the oversized options, but found the mini glitter and mini square in different colors.






This years version is a little bit more glam in my opinion…but stunning as always. I love how the rose gold pops through the clear stone for a hint of color.






Ear Jackets have been all the rage, and I love how they make your accessories look a bit more thought out than a simple stud. These are available for such a reasonable price!






I gravitated to these beauties in Francesca’s last week…I love that they are a bit more casual looking but can still be totally pulled together with the right necklace.






This last pair is from a local boutique, they are lightweight but total statement earrings. The color is perfect and everyone needs a pair to add some wow to any outfit!





Am I missing out on any amazing options? I ended up seeing these classics, these killer studs and these super fun options that I definitely want to snag!