The Great Closet Cleanout ~ Part 2

So now that we are familiar with my hoarding tendencies, we are friends. Because friends share that sh*t. They also share tips with each other on what works in life and what doesn’t. So here are the things that I tried over the last year when cleaning out all my excess. And let me state that *most* of my excess was good excess, there were very few questionable purchases, and when I found those the trash was the only option.


I donated A LOT…like an embarrassing amount. This was my first go to before I discovered the next options. We have a few thrift stores locally and a women’s shelter, so I started there. This was after I gave my friend 3 bags full, I did take what she didn’t want to the local mission. I kind of got embarrassed by my frequency of donations so I would rotate or drop off after hours. Don’t ask why, I was don’t something helpful, I just didn’t want to be judged as materialistic…I have a weird psychology I know.


I discovered Poshmark earlier this year…sometime around February. And I dabbled with a few things I wanted to sell. I started with some lululemon gear, a nicer pair of barley used shoes and a wallet. They sold fast! Like same day fast…and I was hooked. Poshmark made it so easy, the labels are prepaid by the purchaser, the funds are held until the package is delivered and then the money is released to your Poshmark account. Once there, they tempt you into buying from the other sellers because it is so easy! And there are GOOD things on there.! But I was on a mission to clear out and not add to my job. So sold I did.

Some weeks were really busy with sales and others were very slow…but I kept resharing my posts and sharing other listings in hopes that the seller of shared items would do the same for mine thus getting them to a wider audience. And it has worked pretty well. I looked at my stats, and I have sold $872 worth of items with 115 listings. Poshmark does take a commission from each sale, but you don’t have to pay to list anything. So this is a good no-risk option. Check out the app or website for all the details. But I can tell you that I will continue to use this option when I purge items.


We had a yard sale not too long ago…it was a fun way to spend the day with some girlfriends, but this is definitely not a lucrative way to sell your clothes. At least not where I live. People are looking for items at $1 a piece with no regard to brand or original price. I didn’t have many clothing items  to sell and maybe made $15 off clothing, but the items I brought to sell were summer items that had sat on Poshmark for a while and I just needed to get rid of.


The last tactic is what officially cleared off my dresser and laundry room holding places. I decided to take a quick trip to the city to hit up a consignment shop. I went to a Plato’s Closet with my bag full of maybe 20 items hoping to have them all purchased, receive cash in hand and be on my way.

I want to start off by stating that the store was clean, not smelly like thrift stores can be and the staff was friendly. I was in and out of there in 30 minutes max. Thats all I am super impressed about I am a little disappointed in what they decided was purchasable. Without getting into my disappointment too much…they kept 5 items and offered me $11. Yes $11. To top that off the reason for not keeping my other items was that “they are nicer items that just don’t sell to our demographic”. Ok I get that, maybe their demographic is a college age crowd that isn’t interested in J.Crew. Even though I am disappointed I can’t really be mad…I just know that I won’t be trying this option again. It is not worth it for the distance I have to travel.


So now I do have a small pile of things that I need to decide to donate or list on Poshmark…I have also debated threadUP…but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. But at this point I have nothing to lose.  So if anyone has tried them let me know!