The Great Closet Cleanout ~ Part 1

To say that I owned too many clothes would be a total understatement. Looking back, I am actually still shocked at how much I had to go through. I started this process a year ago when I was forced to because we updated our bed. You see I would swap out clothes seasonally and store the unused items under our bed, which was hidden by a bedskirt. Once I updated our room and swapped bed frames for a loft bed, there was no hiding anything under there anymore…it would have defeated the look I was going for aesthetically. Speaking of aesthetics…I can not figure out how to make my closet look pretty…so if you have any suggestions after scrolling through these pics help a sister out! I can decorate a room but obviously can’t figure out a pretty closet…is there such a thing? Should I worry about making it pretty or just shut the doors?

Anyway…I started with purging the summer items I had not worn last year (and if we are being honest for a few years) then moving onto what was in the boxes…I gave one on my friends 3 garbage bags full of clothes to go through. 3 bags! Every time I would do my seasonal swap I always would pull a few items out, or try the backward hanger trick…I truly thought I had this under control. I was also convinced that it was ok to keep things I would force myself to wear for an hour once a year just so I could flip that hanger back.

Now I see it for what it was…denial. I thought that having a plethora of clothing meant that I was fashionable…I mean I was always asked if I had something to borrow, what my opinion on a purchase, or what option I would choose for an outing…I did not want to lose that. And let me tell you a year later, I have not lost that. I actually feel more fashionable now because I truly love the options that are in my closet! I went from over 30 pairs of summer shoes…30 people!…to around 10 that I actually wear and want to wear. Some are pricier and some are cheap-o’s from Old Navy.img_1556.jpg 

And you can see that I am able to keep some of my off season shoes on the rack all the time, which was so convenient when shopping the NSale…I was able to easily see what I could add and what colors of booties would be duplicates…see those black babies at the top left? They are my only shoe purchase from the sale this year and I simply can’t wait to start wearing them!


All of the tall boots are stored in these bins at the other side of the shoe rack. I will swap those out for the sandals in a few months, but this way the shaft of the boots won’t crinkle and make them look damaged.


You can see that some of the bulkier items are in one of those bins too…these are things that I don’t usually place on hangers or that are strictly winter items. I will most likely reorganize when the season changes one more time and will swap out for the shorts shelf, but I have a feeling that this time the season swap won’t be nearly as daunting!

So the moral of part one is that less can be more. If you feel overwhelmed by your options each morning, take a day and truly go through each piece you have. You will probably find options you forgot were in there and you will definitely have a better grasp on your evolving style. I can’t tell you how many items I purchased convinced that was my style, only to wear them once or twice because I did not feel confident wearing them. The opposite was true, I felt insecure and like I was just trying way to hard. I am in my 30’s people…I don’t have time for that business!


But I can honestly say that this summer was a breeze when it came to shopping for what I wanted to add, having no regrets that some of the cutest pieces from the Nordstrom sale had to be returned (I am looking at you bp Moto Leggings) and getting dressed each morning was pretty straightforward. My closet is not packed full, my drawers are manageable and as of yesterday I don’t have a pile of clothes sitting either in my room, laundry room or office waiting for me to get rid of them.


Ahhh…clutter free dresser how I have missed you!

In part 2 I will be detailing how I was able to effectively clear my closet and the methods that worked best for me. But as of today I declare that the Great Closet Cleanout endeavor is complete, now I will just work on maintaining and building my wardrobe.