Perfect August Outfit

Even though I have all those cute keepers from the Anniversary Sale that are just waiting to be worn, we are still in Summer mode around here. School is not back in session and the temps are in the 90’s for at least another month or so. If I could make it happen, these first two weeks of August would last forever. I am not a fan of sending my kids back to school and the mornings are a little crisp to enjoy all the outside play. In fact that is why today’s post is a little late. The kids are playing and soaking up every last breath of Summer that they can. So I postponed my morning to enjoy the feeling also. Ahhh the perks of working for awesome people!

So in August I am still drawn to that simple style of Summer. Easy tank, distressed denim and simple sandals. Fall always seems a bit more stylish than summer for me, but Summer is easy, comfy, casual outfits that just scream “laid back”.


The distressing on the shorts is perfect for me. The tank fits exceptionally well, and washes well also. And the cardigan is perfect for the inside AC, but immediately comes off upon exiting any building. Sadly these items are no longer available…but a little inspiration goes a long way when we are trucking through the tail end of hot and tired of what options we have.


This is my everyday outfit…like seriously I own multiple versions of this tank and shorts. In August I become a broken record. At least it’s a comfy repeat.

And be sure to stop back tomorrow for my go to outfit for early fall with links to items that are available now!