what I’m wanting this Wednesday

Good morning…or good whatever time it is when you are reading this. Happily this post is going up plenty earlier than yesterdays! I don’t know about you, but the further we get into summer the faster it flies by. I am one of those mom’s that dreads when my kids go back to school, but I enjoy purchasing “school/organization supplies” for myself so I also love when all the new things hit stores in August. It’s a catch 22.

So in true August fashion…these are the things I think I need in my home office:


I can’t quite decide “how” I want my office to look…pretty and chic or a little rustic like the rest of my house. Either way, I’ve narrowed it down to these accessories.

I also want a cool “command center” so to speak. I love these options for a wall calendar. Pinterest links are here and here.

I am also a sucker for comfy work at home clothes, fall is still pretty warm here so I am wanting to add these super soft tees from American Eagle to my closet.


I have had my eye on this Free People romper ALL SUMMER! It is definitely a bit of a splurge and I can’t decide if it will look like a sack of potatoes on me or make me look laid back and put together? What do you think…looks like PJ’s or a comfy house outfit?


Last, I want to add some new podcasts to listen to while I work! I am a sucker for a good True Crime podcast. Up and Vanished, True Crime Garage, and Area 52. I also love lighter genres like YHL has a Podcast, Freakonomics Radio and as a Game of Thrones fan I now have new episodes of On the Throne to listen to. But I am always up for more…so share with me on Instagram if you have any suggestions. My handle is chantelle_said_so and I would love any suggestions!




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