go to Tuesday ~ vol. 1

Tuesday can be pretty busy for me… I have a standing eyelash fill every week and I have to hit up the shop for at least an hour to make bank deposits and grab anything that came in over the weekend to take home and work on. Today was especially busy because the month ended yesterday, which means that this week will be full of month financials, and my kids are doing a golf clinic this week at our local Country Club so I was up and running early and am just now getting around to uploading this post ~ so sorry~ in fact I didn’t even grab pics until 7:30 this afternoon…total newbie move, but on the bright side this is actually what I wore all day today…good thing my hair held up pretty good!

Anyway, days like this make for great mom uniform days. I love that I hardly ever have to dress up and can keep it super casual and comfy 99% of the time!



Top: Caslon at Nordstrom (last year) $18

Shorts: High Waisted Girl Shorts from American Eagle (Sold Out) snagged on sale for $20

Shoes: Shoreline Converse at Nordstrom (last year but still available) $49

Accessories: Ear Crawlers (from the Spring FabFitFun box) Apple Watch Series 1, necklace from Etsy, custom made with my Grandma’s signature.

Disclaimer~ I am obviously pretty awkward in front of the camera…forgive me… I know my pics will get better (hopefully soon because I am cringing now) this is going to be the hardest part of blogging for me, I am not a natural poser.