my keepers from the NSale

Now that you saw what I returned and how I might be an over shopper…here is a rundown of what I kept! I was pretty picky this year…and I am sooooo happy with what I kept.

  • Obviously I kept “THE blanket” there was no way I could send this puppy back.
  • Philosophy Purity set. I order this every year…I have used this cleanser forever and my husband does now too…only because to a man soap is soap.
  • The basket was kind of an impulse purchase…but I needed one in my bathroom for the kids laundry…I plan on sharing my finished space soon and this basket was perfect for the look I am going for!
  • Also this shower curtain…it was exactly what I was looking for and tied the bathroom together amazingly!
  • These Zella crops were awesome. I love Zella…and I opted for the crop this year because I am pretty set on full length leggings (at least until I sift through my winter clothes and get rid of the ones that don’t fit…thanks to weight loss!)
  • I did order a pair of the live-in leggings for my Mamma…because she loves them and is the best, so I surprised her.
  • The b.p. stripe tee. It covered my rear, was the perfect amount of slouchy and got put in a drawer so I kind of forgot about it until right now. But I will wear it plenty this year, and it will still look amazing. Also got one for Mamma in the olive green color, they are that good.
  • I also surprised her with the Lush tunic. I have a few colors and love them too.
  • These booties were all that I was looking for. I have perpetual foot pain from years of ballet, so the heel height was perfect and they didn’t rub my ankles like others complained.

And I am now realizing that I actually kept a lot more than I remembered…but I am still super happy with each thing from this list and I stayed under what I anticipated spending (if you don’t count the makeup I ordered not on sale or the undies and school clothes I got for my kids). Did I miss out on any good finds? Let me know!