what I sent back from the NSale

Let’s be honest…I went overboard at the Anniversary Sale. Like really overboard. Which happens every year because I don’t live close to a Nordstrom, other bloggers keep posting the CUTEST things, and I feel like I need to try on all the things. So, my UPS driver has been to my house most days the past week and a half or so…I’m finally on the tail end of my orders, but what I have left to arrive are actually not sale items, but rather that awesome Smashbox product that I posted about on Wednesday and can’t wait to try, and a couple other makeup items that I ran out of and just re-ordered.

So after having a pile in my bedroom for a week or so, I started sending back the items I wasn’t keeping…I will detail each piece and tell you why I sent it back. I have become more picky with what I spend my money on for a couple of reasons, which I plan on covering in a post next week…so keep an eye out for that!

Here is a rundown of what I sent back (pics in order of list below left to right):

  • The Hinge pullover…I was sad to do this, the color was perfect but it just didn’t fit right. Online stated it ran big, so I sized down. That was a mistake because it really took away from the slouchy look I was going for. Then it sold out so I didn’t get to re-order it.
  • 2 pairs of b.p. moto leggings black and olive). I just couldn’t love them. I know they are like a favorite of what seems like everyone, but the material was thinner than I like and the black was a washed out/worn in style that I wasn’t digging.
  • The Lush super soft tee. I loved it, but it was dry clean only! I couldn’t believe that a $15 shirt was dry clean only…I am not paying to clean a shirt that only cost that much.
  • The b.p. cardigan. Loved it, super soft and flattering. However, I found one at abercrombie that I knew I would get more wear from (lighter fabric) and was 1/2 the price.
  • Free People turtleneck. You will find that I am an avid lover of Free People. I was actually hesitant to order this, because I am not a fan of turtle necks…but like I told you, I like to try on all the things. I loved everything except that neck…
  • b.p Plaid shirt. So soft, very flattering. But after it came I remembered that last winter I bought a super similar shirt…so back it went.
  • Zella knock out pants. I only sent these back because I kept a different pair. I will share that post next!
  • Zella siesta tee. I couldn’t actually decide if I loved or hated the way this fit me. The fabric and color were amazing though.
  • Chelsea28 ruffle cardigan. The detail on this was so cute, but the fabric was thicker than I thought. I have a hard time in the winter because I hate heavy fabrics (and turtlenecks) and being hot…so my thermostat gets adjusted all the time.
  • Nordstrom basic camisole. I’ve seen people rave about this cami, but I wanted a little bit longer cut to wear with tunics and leggings than what this one is.
  • Lush t-shirt dress. I ordered this knowing it would probably go back. But it had pockets and I hoped it would fit more like a tunic…it did not.
  • Hinge bell sleeve cardigan. This was so soft, but the bells were bigger than I thought and I knew that they would drive me crazy!

I didn’t order any jeans this year…but I usually don’t. I am pretty set on jeans and I mostly wear leggings in the winter…which I stocked up on last year so this year I focused on tops.

Was there anything that you ordered and weren’t impressed with? Hit me up on instagram and let me know! I really hope I am not the only chronic returner.



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