what I’m wanting this Wednesday

So needless to say… this is my first “post” about the things I like… I am not quite sure what I am doing, if anyone will actually see this, or where this will take me. But I am ready for the ride!

My favorite types of posts are a simple roundup of things. Pretty vague, but oh well…

  • First …what I really want right now are some cute athletic shorts. Working from home I like to be comfy, but still put together that I can run to my shop or the store if I need to. I have my eye on this pair from Athleta, but the price tag is holding me back and I have yet to find another option…
  • This foundation stick. I love this brand, and typically don’t wear a foundation, but I am really intrigued by this, my bronzer is almost out so I ordered this yesterday. I’ll update you when it comes in. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good budget friendly dupe for this…I am super picky about my makeup and rarely try new foundations. I will keep my eye out for any dupes recommended by beauty bloggers though.


  • I have been wanting a cognac colored purse for what seems like ages…but I can never find just the right one. I typically either buy Coach handbags (total splurge) that I keep for years or relatively cheap-o bags that will last me a few months. I’ve had my eye on the Madewell Transporter Mini for over a year, but have just never bit the bullet.


Isn’t this the prettiest color to get me through fall?

I found a few good options like this one with tassels! This lighter colored option and this dupe for a much better price, plus there is a 30% off promo..even better! Probably going to order one of these with some school clothes for the kids…it’s a good possibility.

  • LOVE Free People…and I have had my eye on these tanks all summer…I have the tangerine color and it is sooooo soft! They are great for hot days paired with a bralette, and I still look put together enough to run errands #thanksathleasure .

fp gray

bonus, these are on sale right now in 4 colors. The tangerine is definitely a more neon color in person, but not overwhelming and I love it. Just a heads up that is doesn’t match the phot 100%. And the price for the three others together is right around what the regular price for one not on sale…best thing ever.

And the last thing I want right now is some caffeine. Since I am not a coffee person I am going to grab a diet soda for breakfast…don’t judge.



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