the grand plan

AHHHH! this is it…my first post. It is quite nerve wracking to put myself out here…I am normally a blog follower but I have wanted to share this part of my life (fashion and shopping with a little bit of homemaking thrown in for good measure) for quite some time. I have followed many blogs for many years, and I just love how I feel like I connect with the blogger, even though I have never met them. I would really like to contribute to that sense of community and build a tribe of people who I can share my closet with, because quite frankly I have been married long enough that my husband does not even pretend that he cares or is excited when a package shows up.

So… now that I have finally worked up the courage to do so. So here we go!

I plan on doing a weekly round-up here on Wednesdays, with some more details than I can provide on instagram. But definitely follow along there as I will be sharing items more frequently. I am hoping to start posting there with my Nordstrom Sale finds in the next day or so…but the weather has not been cooperating.

And for right now, that is all I am “scheduling” ¬†while I learn the ropes and hopefully build a following. I’m also entering my busy season with work…so we are going to see where this goes. Hopefully after a few months people are actually reading this (becuase it feels very “crazy person” to be writing this when I am pretty sure it won’t be seen for a while).

I do plan on posting bonus home styling topics from time to time, because if I am not finding cute clothes I am dreaming of little character updates I want to do to our “builder grade” ¬†house.

So that’s it…for now! (And if someone is reading this…THANK YOU! you are now counted as one of my favorite people)